Monday, July 27, 2009


OK ...
I got to consignment sales for my two Kids I love to go to them now since the first time we passed by the MOM's sale and Dennis said let just go look. Hook Line and sinker I 'm Hooked.
Now the issue is this year!! the MOM's sale is on the 19th of September.. the Consignment sale that I participate in Wee-Sale begins on the 17th and goes the weekend. I have worked the Wee-Sale twice already and this will be my third time this year! I also have begun to put some of my children's items in the sale to make up for what I purchase. Which sometimes does not balance it self out.
Humm how did that happen?
So the dilemma is that the MOM's sale is the same time as the Wee-Sale!!!
what I'm I going to do!
I would love to clone myself so that we could go to each one but I don't think that will happen by September?
Just checked because I almost had a heart attack thinking the Lilly P sale was the same time but that will be in November! Phheeewwww
So I guess this year I'll have to choose and I just may have to miss the MoM's sale ...

... did you hear something did I say what I thought I said... I have to miss something.....


MelRox said...

Good luck for the Mom's sale...

Mary at My New 30 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog with well wishes for my new granddaughter. She's a cutie pie for sure!!

Yikes! Well, you'll have to sacrifice one this time I guess, but how to choose??! A toss of the coin maybe?