Monday, July 20, 2009

Enchanted Forest

So my husband went to this place when he was small. It then was closed down and left to disappear into the earth. Someone thought they needed to save it and when the property was sold the new owners told the Clark family( I think) to take what they wanted before they developed the ground where the Enchanted Forest stood.

May of the piece were move to it's new home on a farm in Elicot city. I was told not all pieces were brought. I guess some were just to badly damaged. Some were restored and some were recreated. the Houses I guess way back when you could go into but now you can only look in the windows and open doors. but the kids still have a good time running around from one house to the other and finding new things to look at.

It was funny Liam tried to pick up the pail of water that Jack and Jill dropped this was after he tried to help them up!


Holly said...

That is so cute!!! What an awesome idea!

CaraBee said...

We went there last year for a hayride and pumpkin patch experience. Pre-Halloween. It was cute. Super crowded, though.