Wednesday, July 22, 2009

is it me?

It has to be me,
because sooo many have it on there blogs..
I can not take this when I open peoples blogs.
If I hear it..... it's the thing I have to find to turn OFF before I do any sort of reading . If I can't find it , because everyone looks different I have to close the blog and forgo ever reading anything about that person.
I know it has to be me but it's the one thing that just drives me crazy..
OK so there it is my .02 of the subject.
I'm sure I will encounter endless amounts of music on others Blogs.
It must be a cool feature for some and yes it does let the person know a bit about the blogger but I prefer the quite pages. (shhh) not like in the library quite but... yeah know


Kathie @ my net finds said...

I have my laptop muted all the time so I usually don't notice music on blogs. I sometimes have it on mine, I guess I just figured people would mute their computers if they don't like what's playing :-)

CaraBee said...

It is SO not just you! I hate the music. I'm with Kathie, though, I generally have the sound muted so I don't notice it.

Sharon said...

I am right there with ya... can't stand music on a blog. Makes it hard for me to concentrate and read. I don't mind it on sites that are just photos,etc. But blogs... no.

that one girl said...

i turn the music off on ANY site i visit....not just blogs.....beyond annoying