Friday, August 28, 2009

HUbby Hard at Work

So my Husband has been working his tail off and this is what the results are.
SO he's about 75% done?
There just 2 more pieces for one under each window, doors for the cabinets below, some trim and paint and he's done!!
Then we can finish putting the crown molding up in the room and baseboards and I can touch up the paint around the room!!

Good Job!!! Woo hoo and I think it looks awesome!

Don't mind the clutter of toys and clothes those are all going to the consignment.. except for what is in the bins in the entertainment center.
Looken Good!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

day 3 of Fennlgreek

So I'm taking the herb to see if anything happens... not sure it's only day three. does it happen quickly when you take herbs or does it take a week or so? the thing is I have not changed my routine at all so I'm not sure why my Supply is slowing down. I nurse in the morning before I leave for work I pump 2x's at work( what a pain in the butt, and I'm sure people here are like where the hell did she go for 30 min?) and then when I get home I nurse again one or 2 more times? So not sure why it's diminishing? use to be if I did not do it I would be in pain now I think I could go the whole day..... But I don't I keep going to my lovely closet and doing what I need to do.
So I'm on day three and not feeling any results just yet.....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


You know that one co-worker that just tweeks your nerve....
well how about dealing with him at 6:30 in the morning or rather ignoring him at this time..
geeze I can't stand him and he's here when I'm here early in the morning and we ignore each other.
All I can say is:


OK so I'm seeing if this will work because Yes, I'm still BF Avery trying to get to the 1year mark... and my supply has diminished to almost none...
So I read that taking Fennelgreek would help. So I went to the drugstore and got some... hoping it will help if not then I guess we are done and I made it to about 10.5 months when I'm done with the frozen stash .
So I did better than I did with Liam so I guess that's an improvement?
O-well I guess there is not much else I can do? right?

Monday, August 24, 2009

The weekend

Mommy trying to she what the new hat would look like

Fun in the sun

Floating around with Daddy

I hear my son is having a blast in Florida picking up all the little girls at pool side! We miss him terribly can't wait till he's home!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ISR- Not a swim class

I just wanted to make sure that people understood that the ISR class is NOT a swim class. Its a survival class for any child or infant that would be around water and perhaps fall in... it's to teach the child what to do when a parent is not around or watching( not saying parents or guardians are not watching) but what the child learns is what to do until help comes.
please check out the site. ISR again this is not a swim class lessons are in 10 min intervals for a weeks so this is very intense. but teaches the child how to survive until help comes.
thanks and have a great morning!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

night time

I think we have made it we have gone I think for about 4-5 nights with out Avery waking up at 2 am. I think we've done it and now for the test when Liam gets back to have them in the same room!

I just read a Post on my friends page about a child falling in a pool and makes me want to get Avery signed up even quicker to get her into the ISR classes. I would not know what to do if I lost a child that way thank goodness the child was fine. but to see a child underwater and they not know what to do... very scary. Sinking feeling
so Avery will be signed up by the end of the week for her first class!

Monday, August 17, 2009


I walked about 8 miles on Sun.
I was suppose to also walk 8 on Sat but the person who was suppose to come and meet me to do so bailed on me at 6:30 pm the night before and I did not see the email she sent until 8 the next day when she was suppose to be at my house, good thing i checked email that am because I usually don't go on the computer during the weekend... I find it very hard to.. so I think I walked like 3 miles by myself not sure because my pedometer is not working correctly. So I think it was 3?
any hoo did the 8 on Sunday.. hoping to work up to more they were doing 15 but I cut out early to got to a ISR Party ..
The place was amazing! this pool was insane...
Very nice
and All the parents there were part of this swim class well not a class because the instructor does it one child at a time and it's more a survival class if the child falls in the pool. So
I'm signing Avery up. Not because the woman almost attacked me about not putting her in but because I know she will be better for it and will know how to survive if she does fall in a boy of water.
So here is the link if anyone would like to see what it's about ISR
It was amazing to see these babies -18 month old was the smallest besides Avery, to be swimming around with no fear and having a blast!
they were jumping in and just popping up like little fish and going to the edge of the pool it was so cool!! you really have to see it.
I'll see if I can get pictures of Avery when she does it!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

night #8

I think we have it.. she woke up at 4:30 not too bad...
although getting her down was a bit tough
she'd be asleep in my arms the minute she hit the sheets in her bed she was up. So Dennis tried his sleeping charms and the same thing but when he walked in she had cried for about 5 min and was out
thank goodness

SO I'm Involved in my very First Swap!!
So excited.... Now it suppose to be my favorite things.... does that mean from Here or just MY fav's? because growing up in RI my Fav's are a bit diffrent than the Fav's of where I live now.
SO I have to get this done and out by the end of the month .... Very excited to be doing this.

So last night I went to this place called the Road Runner ( click on the name to go to web page)
It was a recommendation by another walker that I go here, Because not only do they sell you the sneakers but they look at your feet. No I don't mean that they take a magnifying glass and look at your feet (gross) but they analyze the way you walk. very cool.
1st you walk across this gel mat so they can see the pressure points in your foot. Then they tape you walking on a tread mill for about 20 sec. and look at how you place your feet( this is all done bare foot)
It's very cool how they look and to see what they are looking for. so after that the employee was able to select a hoe right for me. he brought out 6 pairs!
I tried each on on individually then he told me to take one off and try them side by side... Never thought of this while trying on sneakers but duhh why would you not... so after that I selected my shoe and was off granted I paid 103. for the shoe but... I joined the VIP to get not only 1 discount but like 3 (one for being in the 3 day walk-DC)so I saved 30.00!! and Get this!! this is a real selling point If for any reason in 60 day's I don't like the sneaker It does not fit correctly or what ever I can bring it back!!!
and either get a new pair or my money back!
How awesome is that!
who wouldn't go to this place it's wonderful and if your in the Columbia , MD area there having a meeting for the DC walk on wed. 19th Aug they will have promotions and they guy even said they could prob discount the shoe even more if I bring the receipt back in!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Night 7

So all is fine and well in sleep land UNTILLL... 2am!!!
she seems to think it's play time?? what the
I woke up to her crying and then all was fine when I was in the room I patted her back I shhusshed and rubbed her head. she was fine.. then proceeded to play with the mobile above.... turn around and look at her animals and pull on her blanket all was good I started to again walk backwards out of the room.... she fussed a bit and then settled down as she noticed me being further away.
I walked out of the room .....
she noticed I was gone and screamed.. and cried.. I let it go for about 10 min or so ...well it felt like 10 min.
went back in and patted shusshe and pulled her blanket up.... she was again fine and again proceeded to play in her crib
I again walked silently out of the room 2 min. later she noticed I was gone she cried( not as load) and then it started to fade..... aaa she put herself to sleep....
I got up at 5am
dressed for work
looked in at her she was slumped over on her legs not sure how that was comfortable?
Picked her up to nurse
then she was out again Not sure she even woke up....
put her back and she rolled over... haa I wish I could have crawled in there with her it looked O-So cozy! but alas I'm here at work!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

night 4??? nope the 6th

SO this thing with her sleeping in her own bed going OK
getting her to fall asleep at 10-11 at night not so good.
she's tired .. she's rubbing her eyes , she's nuzzling
but no the minute I put her in her crib she's up and playing then crying and screaming.
I try not to pick her up out of the crib , rub her back , shhhh her but no that does not help
for a moment a glimmer I thought I was free... slowly taking steps backwards towards the door
Nope the Dam door creaked and were back to screaming. I stay in the room thinking just being there she'll calm down.. Nope more screaming I did not want to pick her up again fear of her getting use to getting picked up when she scream/ cry's when she wakes up
I lay on the floor hoping she'll calm down with me just being in the room
Nope screaming some more. then Daddy comes in and scoops her up and takes her down stairs...
I can still hear her screaming I think e put her in the swing... screaming some more.. not sure how long I fell asleep I think it was 11? Not sure.. still (Yawn )tired.....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Family Reunion!

Family reunion who does not love these!! So we had a fabulous time with swimming in the pool and filling our faces with wonderful food, that of course was all fat free... LOL not.

Liam was all tuckered out by the end of the day!

So here are a few pictures from the day.. and yeah I had to take about a million of my daughter as I dressed her in a pink tutu with butterfly wings!! Love it

my son then had to try them on! LOL
So Again this year seems to happen at the same time each year even thought this is only the second time Liam has gone off with His grandparents for a vacation.. must be so nice to be able to just take off for about 3 weeks. LOL
so he's up in RI seeing my Godparents for the week and my Aunt. I have not seen my Godparents since I got married or even before that. So this is Liam's first meeting with them. I'm sure I'll be spoiled beyond belief and covered in Pawsocks paraphernalia from the ball park.
I asked that they bring me back a sicker for my car and sweatshirt or tee shirt. And of course they could send what ever they wanted back for Avery since she could not go with them. The when they get back from RI this week they will stop back here in MD and rest for a day hopefully then head down to Florida. for fun and sun on the gulf! OO to be so young and such a jet setter.... LOL was thinking we could fly down for a long weekend for a bit.. we'll have to see how it goes.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Night #3

Not so good as night 1 and 2 she was up at 2 and would not go back down I tried everything and would not pick her up. Dennis then took her down stairs so I could sleep till 5. Liam then woke up because he heard Avery and So we had a quire for a bit but everyone settled in at about 2:30 or so , well Dennis taking Avery down stairs and we were good. I nursed her at 5 and put her back in her bed I hope she slept a bit more.. will get an up date this morning with my morning call from Dennis.

Thank you

OK thank you for those who helped me with posting my Gem Award

thank you!!! I am not too good at posting things that are links and other things so I'll do my best to pass this on to a few others who I think are great!

Cara at land of bean

Magaly at Pagan Culture

Pooba at GrandPooba

Sharon at Flipncrazy

OK I think that's good for now I hope this works... heehee

Here is your award!!! thanks!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

an Award... -oooo nooooooo siggggghhh

I love getting them and wish I could post them but for some reason any sorta awards or list that people want me to pass on I can just not do? I can't figure it out ..... I'm lost when it comes to posting these thing ? I just don't know????
so here it is attempt at the right and on my blog here??

Night #2

SO last night was #2
Avery fell asleep in the swing so I left her there and went to put big brother to bed in our room for the second night... I have a feeling that we are going to have issues when we have to move him back into his room.
and shower. I went back down to see how she was and she was still asleep. so I mentioned to daddy that I was heading to bead and if he came up in a few and she woke up I would nurse her and put her back down. That did not happen I woke up at 4:51 to her crying. SO I went into nurse her because it was time for me to get up in 9 minutes any way for work. She went back to sleep and I got dressed and left.
Night two seemed to go well. Dennis said she did wake at 1:30 but I don't remember hearing her, I supposedly hit Dennis to deal with her??? Did I? I don't remember???

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So we took what the Ped. said and put it into action. we move Avery out of our room to her brothers room to see if we can get her to sleep thru the night. Liam moved into our room to "camp" with us for a few nights. So she would not wake him up and she could if she was going to cry it out if necessary.
She woke up at 2am and was standing in her crib.
I went in and shushed and rubbed her back laid her down a few times and comforted her without picking her up.
I left the room she was still crying a bit. I went back in at about 2:20 as she really did not settle down and did it again. this time I think she figured out I was not picking her up and started to rub hr eyes and slump over. she grabbed for her blankly and did her grunting that she does to sooth her self. she closed her eyes and drifted off. I then snuck out of the room. I flopped back in bead at 2:30 only to hear my hubby ask if she had just started...
Up at 5 am to get myself ready for work snuck around the room because now Liam is there and dressed. went into Liam's room at 5:15 and nursed her for about 6-8 minutes. she fell back to sleep in my arms and I put her back... will have to ask when she woke up this AM. so not so bad one time during the night we'll see what happens tonight if she will be able to sooth herself back to sleep or if she needs mommy.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Butterfly

Well she just had her 9 month well visit and she is now up to:

19pd3 oz ( are you sure she seems heavier??)

27 1/2"

and a melon that is 43 cm around


Posted a Silpada mag in the back of my office for the walk.. lets see who will be a buyer?
not much to do today work wise and my fearless leader is no where to be found LOL

Monday, August 3, 2009

Walking for a Cause

OK this past Sat was sorta a test... I did 15+ miles on the B & A Trail on Sat with some other wonderful ladies. We are walking for the 3 Day Breast Cancer walk on October 2-4
This past week I received an email about a training walk from Carrie. So I figure Ok why not I had not been able to join them the previous week which was only a 10 mile this one she had posted was to be a 12 mile. Not bad I thought I had done 5 or so and had been doing 2 miles a day at they gym by walking and running. So I thought hey why not.... She did post that people who had not done 9+ should not do this but I figured I could turn around when ever and go back.
So the start was good and when we got to the half way mark I was still fine. But We stopped and used the rest room and rested for about 10 minute. I'm thinking this was the down fall. I readjusted my toe ring that a felt rubbing on my other toe and then I was fine did not feel any hot spots on my feet. So I thought the shoe were good. so we got to the half way point and we turned around. We were right at my house I could have soo walked up the road to the house and be done with it but I thought no I'm committed to this and I'm going to finish.
So on the way back! I was good , I was feeling my upper legs not burn but the were like what the hell are you doing? LOL
then at about mile 10? I think I started to feel it.
My feet hurt. I started to fel a hot spot on my left foot but it was only a little thing not too bad. Kept going....
by this time the group of 4 I was walking with had pulled away from me.. sorta like when you watch those Olympic games and they say here's the point where they make there break away move.. that's how I felt they kept moving further and further away as I kept trekking on.
I got to a spot where there was a bench and rested for a while. Two others cam from behind me. They had stopped to used the bathroom. they again were going to use the rest room. I waited they got me more water. One Lady had an issue with her foot and shoe and broke off here to go home , she live off the trail as well.
I think at this point I was at mile 13? not sure. But from stopping I now felt it hot spot on my foot more and then there was one on the bottom of my foot same side.... and the ring on my other foot was not rubbing more.. Note to self take it off while walking.. So Carrie walked with me the rest of the way I made it back!! thanks to Carrie and her talking with me seemed to make it go by quicker. I got a nice surprise at the end... Dennis was there with the kids.. he came to meet me for lunch. so that was nice. At that time I did feel a bit light headed and queasy I believe due to the sun because by the time I was done it was about 1 and the sun was on the trail there was no shade. which is why it was good to start at 7:30 like we did because it was cooler and shaded..
so I was a bit discourage that I was feeling so crappy. but I did it! We went to lunch and I started to feel better. We went home and all took a nap, after I showered. and amazingly I felt no pain... Even on Sunday I was not sore... I did have those two blisters though and will be getting new shoes.. to work out in. but have made a few notes.
1. I have to walk longer distances
2. I need new shoes
3. I will prob meet and make new friends because of this
4. I know that I can walk with a Small backpack and be fine.
5. This will prob be a life changing experience and I look forward to it!
So if you would like to help me in donations to the cause it would greatly be appreciated
Thank you