Thursday, August 6, 2009

an Award... -oooo nooooooo siggggghhh

I love getting them and wish I could post them but for some reason any sorta awards or list that people want me to pass on I can just not do? I can't figure it out ..... I'm lost when it comes to posting these thing ? I just don't know????
so here it is attempt at the right and on my blog here??


Dreamgirl said...

Have you tried to just save the image on your computer and then uploading it to your post?
You can always write in your post who it is from and hyperlink their blogname....

Thanks for coming by Sweeter Homes. I love that Main Getaway too.

If you're up for a little fun photo challenge come by my other blog Sweeter Living. The prize is a subscription to Harper's Bazaar.

Have a wonderful Friday!

Dreamgirl said...

OKay... if you want to post the award on your sidebare. Do as follows:
1. Save the image of the award on your computer.
2. Go to the dashboard and chose layout.
3. Click Add a Gadget and chose PICTURE.
4. Now you can upload your award from your computer.
5. Here you can also add the hyperlink to the award.

Hope it will work for you!