Tuesday, August 25, 2009


OK so I'm seeing if this will work because Yes, I'm still BF Avery trying to get to the 1year mark... and my supply has diminished to almost none...
So I read that taking Fennelgreek would help. So I went to the drugstore and got some... hoping it will help if not then I guess we are done and I made it to about 10.5 months when I'm done with the frozen stash .
So I did better than I did with Liam so I guess that's an improvement?
O-well I guess there is not much else I can do? right?

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CaraBee said...

Everything I've read says that if you pump more it will help build your supply back up. Personally, I hated pumping more than just about anything in the world, so that would be torture to me, but if it works, I guess it's worth it.