Thursday, August 6, 2009

Night #2

SO last night was #2
Avery fell asleep in the swing so I left her there and went to put big brother to bed in our room for the second night... I have a feeling that we are going to have issues when we have to move him back into his room.
and shower. I went back down to see how she was and she was still asleep. so I mentioned to daddy that I was heading to bead and if he came up in a few and she woke up I would nurse her and put her back down. That did not happen I woke up at 4:51 to her crying. SO I went into nurse her because it was time for me to get up in 9 minutes any way for work. She went back to sleep and I got dressed and left.
Night two seemed to go well. Dennis said she did wake at 1:30 but I don't remember hearing her, I supposedly hit Dennis to deal with her??? Did I? I don't remember???

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