Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Night 7

So all is fine and well in sleep land UNTILLL... 2am!!!
she seems to think it's play time?? what the
I woke up to her crying and then all was fine when I was in the room I patted her back I shhusshed and rubbed her head. she was fine.. then proceeded to play with the mobile above.... turn around and look at her animals and pull on her blanket all was good I started to again walk backwards out of the room.... she fussed a bit and then settled down as she noticed me being further away.
I walked out of the room .....
she noticed I was gone and screamed.. and cried.. I let it go for about 10 min or so ...well it felt like 10 min.
went back in and patted shusshe and pulled her blanket up.... she was again fine and again proceeded to play in her crib
I again walked silently out of the room 2 min. later she noticed I was gone she cried( not as load) and then it started to fade..... aaa she put herself to sleep....
I got up at 5am
dressed for work
looked in at her she was slumped over on her legs not sure how that was comfortable?
Picked her up to nurse
then she was out again Not sure she even woke up....
put her back and she rolled over... haa I wish I could have crawled in there with her it looked O-So cozy! but alas I'm here at work!

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