Friday, August 14, 2009

night #8

I think we have it.. she woke up at 4:30 not too bad...
although getting her down was a bit tough
she'd be asleep in my arms the minute she hit the sheets in her bed she was up. So Dennis tried his sleeping charms and the same thing but when he walked in she had cried for about 5 min and was out
thank goodness

SO I'm Involved in my very First Swap!!
So excited.... Now it suppose to be my favorite things.... does that mean from Here or just MY fav's? because growing up in RI my Fav's are a bit diffrent than the Fav's of where I live now.
SO I have to get this done and out by the end of the month .... Very excited to be doing this.

So last night I went to this place called the Road Runner ( click on the name to go to web page)
It was a recommendation by another walker that I go here, Because not only do they sell you the sneakers but they look at your feet. No I don't mean that they take a magnifying glass and look at your feet (gross) but they analyze the way you walk. very cool.
1st you walk across this gel mat so they can see the pressure points in your foot. Then they tape you walking on a tread mill for about 20 sec. and look at how you place your feet( this is all done bare foot)
It's very cool how they look and to see what they are looking for. so after that the employee was able to select a hoe right for me. he brought out 6 pairs!
I tried each on on individually then he told me to take one off and try them side by side... Never thought of this while trying on sneakers but duhh why would you not... so after that I selected my shoe and was off granted I paid 103. for the shoe but... I joined the VIP to get not only 1 discount but like 3 (one for being in the 3 day walk-DC)so I saved 30.00!! and Get this!! this is a real selling point If for any reason in 60 day's I don't like the sneaker It does not fit correctly or what ever I can bring it back!!!
and either get a new pair or my money back!
How awesome is that!
who wouldn't go to this place it's wonderful and if your in the Columbia , MD area there having a meeting for the DC walk on wed. 19th Aug they will have promotions and they guy even said they could prob discount the shoe even more if I bring the receipt back in!!


CaraBee said...

I have heard about shoe places doing that but I've never known anyone that actually did it. I've had a tough time finding the right pair, I might have to check that place out.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Someone is being having a blast!