Monday, August 3, 2009

Walking for a Cause

OK this past Sat was sorta a test... I did 15+ miles on the B & A Trail on Sat with some other wonderful ladies. We are walking for the 3 Day Breast Cancer walk on October 2-4
This past week I received an email about a training walk from Carrie. So I figure Ok why not I had not been able to join them the previous week which was only a 10 mile this one she had posted was to be a 12 mile. Not bad I thought I had done 5 or so and had been doing 2 miles a day at they gym by walking and running. So I thought hey why not.... She did post that people who had not done 9+ should not do this but I figured I could turn around when ever and go back.
So the start was good and when we got to the half way mark I was still fine. But We stopped and used the rest room and rested for about 10 minute. I'm thinking this was the down fall. I readjusted my toe ring that a felt rubbing on my other toe and then I was fine did not feel any hot spots on my feet. So I thought the shoe were good. so we got to the half way point and we turned around. We were right at my house I could have soo walked up the road to the house and be done with it but I thought no I'm committed to this and I'm going to finish.
So on the way back! I was good , I was feeling my upper legs not burn but the were like what the hell are you doing? LOL
then at about mile 10? I think I started to feel it.
My feet hurt. I started to fel a hot spot on my left foot but it was only a little thing not too bad. Kept going....
by this time the group of 4 I was walking with had pulled away from me.. sorta like when you watch those Olympic games and they say here's the point where they make there break away move.. that's how I felt they kept moving further and further away as I kept trekking on.
I got to a spot where there was a bench and rested for a while. Two others cam from behind me. They had stopped to used the bathroom. they again were going to use the rest room. I waited they got me more water. One Lady had an issue with her foot and shoe and broke off here to go home , she live off the trail as well.
I think at this point I was at mile 13? not sure. But from stopping I now felt it hot spot on my foot more and then there was one on the bottom of my foot same side.... and the ring on my other foot was not rubbing more.. Note to self take it off while walking.. So Carrie walked with me the rest of the way I made it back!! thanks to Carrie and her talking with me seemed to make it go by quicker. I got a nice surprise at the end... Dennis was there with the kids.. he came to meet me for lunch. so that was nice. At that time I did feel a bit light headed and queasy I believe due to the sun because by the time I was done it was about 1 and the sun was on the trail there was no shade. which is why it was good to start at 7:30 like we did because it was cooler and shaded..
so I was a bit discourage that I was feeling so crappy. but I did it! We went to lunch and I started to feel better. We went home and all took a nap, after I showered. and amazingly I felt no pain... Even on Sunday I was not sore... I did have those two blisters though and will be getting new shoes.. to work out in. but have made a few notes.
1. I have to walk longer distances
2. I need new shoes
3. I will prob meet and make new friends because of this
4. I know that I can walk with a Small backpack and be fine.
5. This will prob be a life changing experience and I look forward to it!
So if you would like to help me in donations to the cause it would greatly be appreciated
Thank you

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