Monday, August 17, 2009


I walked about 8 miles on Sun.
I was suppose to also walk 8 on Sat but the person who was suppose to come and meet me to do so bailed on me at 6:30 pm the night before and I did not see the email she sent until 8 the next day when she was suppose to be at my house, good thing i checked email that am because I usually don't go on the computer during the weekend... I find it very hard to.. so I think I walked like 3 miles by myself not sure because my pedometer is not working correctly. So I think it was 3?
any hoo did the 8 on Sunday.. hoping to work up to more they were doing 15 but I cut out early to got to a ISR Party ..
The place was amazing! this pool was insane...
Very nice
and All the parents there were part of this swim class well not a class because the instructor does it one child at a time and it's more a survival class if the child falls in the pool. So
I'm signing Avery up. Not because the woman almost attacked me about not putting her in but because I know she will be better for it and will know how to survive if she does fall in a boy of water.
So here is the link if anyone would like to see what it's about ISR
It was amazing to see these babies -18 month old was the smallest besides Avery, to be swimming around with no fear and having a blast!
they were jumping in and just popping up like little fish and going to the edge of the pool it was so cool!! you really have to see it.
I'll see if I can get pictures of Avery when she does it!!

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