Sunday, September 13, 2009


I've only been asking for about 5 years to go and Finally!!

I'm Here!! but you will not see any pictures of me here..... why , you ask.....
because I'm behind the camera!

so after about a 2 hour drive we got there at 11:30 to a drizzly day. Hoping that it would clear up , but sadly no it just kept sprinkling and then stop sprinkle, rain then stop, rain, sprinkle stop and so on and so on.

first ride of the day!
OK so you'll see me 2 times here and below
There were plenty of rides and I think Liam was on almost every one a Reese's could get on They called him a Reese height wise a kiss was prob like 30
" and then under that minis which I believe Avery is it was cute they measure the kids by the chocolate names.

family picture! so that it you will not see me again and my hubby for that fact ! LOL

We prob should have also asked some on to take a picture but it was rainy all day so you just wanted to get to the next point asap instead of talking with people. but on the other side of things the lines were very short or nonexistent!

first big spending and I think it was the only one was the Face painting I think we wanted it more at first but he was pleased as punch when it was done. a bit of coning to get the dragon because he wanted a green monster face and I was not having it.. very ugly .. but love the dragon!

doesn't her look cute!! to bad it lasted about 4 hours because the minute he wanted a game and we said no( because they have those carnival game type he cried which made the makeup run. but it was cute! getting out of the rain for a short bit saying hello to the kiss think it was the only character we saw... prob more on a nicer day. sleeping and trying to stay dry we put the umbrella over the stroller because I did not have one of those large pieces of plastic that make your kids look like there in a snow globe. but practical because they have been a bit dryer and warmer in it so one would wake up and the other would crash never at the same time!!

so this is about where the pictures end I think I hit every roller coster they had! I think the one went on twice is called heat? it starts at 78 mile !! too cool awesome ride the smoothest one was the bear it hung from the track very cool!!! not sure how fast that went.... I took Liam on a smaller one for the kisses?? then tried him out on the comet which is for the Reese's But he did not like it so he said. I think it was the first drop that have him the butterflies and that was the first time he's experienced that so not sure he liked it... but he liked the other one that he went on about 5 times so I tried to mover him up one there was another one that was newer that was prob smoother because the comet is a wood roller coaster and they are always more shaky in there ride so may be he would have liked loop-d-loop but that went upside down so not sure and I did not try after the comet although there was a girl in line that love both comment and loop and she was Liam's height not sure her age but, next time I think we left the park at about 9:30 after going to the museum .. more like a Disney ride not what Dennis thought about the factory and making of chocolate but they spit you out into the gift shop of chocolates and confections anything you could think of.. surprised they did not have a kiss hat would have love to see both kids in one of those not sure if there is such a thing but what a cute idea for kids!! any woo that's my Saturday at the park and hoping next year to make it a weekend because it really is a two day park we did not even go to the zoo area and the water park was closed( closes in Sept) so we did allot in the 9 hours we were there and I think we did really well in not buying much there because they don't let you bring anything in no food water or snack I even heard they sell baby food so you can't bring that in but I got 2 jars by? go figure they do have a area for picnicking outside the park but who wants to do that? so it was a good day considering the rain . My hubby was wonderful !


Kathie @ my net finds said...

it looks like so much fun! too bad it rained :-(

Jacie said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast!