Tuesday, September 8, 2009

HE'S HOME he's home he's home!!!!!

So as you can see Liam got home last night at about 6pm!!


It was so wonderful to feel those little arms around my neck hugging me so very tightly!(sniff) hearing him say Mommy and kissing my cheek( hope that never stops) O- the smile on his face so big and wide as the sun!
I don't think he could get out of the truck fast enough!

and in this very short month(although it felt so very Long) he looks like he's grown up so much!

hearing of him swimming with out his float and underwater and jumping in the pool and just splashing around... about his adventures at resturants and of course the goodwill that my mom visits every minut she can!
He talks like a little man in more than one complete sentence. not that he was not before but it's like you can have a whole conversation with him and it make since! O- it's so nice to have him back... to bad I had to come in to work today and not spend the day with him... but Daddy gets today and then I get Thursday when we go for his allergy test.. not looking forward to that. hopefully It's not going to be as bad as I think it will be? anyway

snuck in to his room before I left and he was so peacefully sleeping MUUUMMM
just my little man!
he's growing up so fast right in front of me(sniff)
aaaahhhh can't wait for that hug when I get home!!


CaraBee said...

Honestly, before I read your post I saw the picture and I was like "HOLY COW, he looks so grown up!" Glad he made it home safe and sound and back in mama's arms.

our b life said...

They do grow up so fast! THanks for visiting my blog. Looking forward to more comments!