Monday, September 28, 2009


I was writing this comment to my friend and though humm this is something I can post.. It's about the times I come to the edge with my son.... How he just gets to be soo stubborn and not wanting to do anything that it brings me to the edge of insanity. I've now realized I have to walk away from him or bring him to his room and leave him there to scream at me or who ever until he calms down. I do this because I don't want to loose it on him in anyway and realize that the spankings that I've sometimes given him are not working. The yelling back does not work and I assume does not show I'm grown up either. So I've now taken to just moving him to his room and leaving him there to yell. Because the time out mat has become a place for him to just scream at me closer.
I move him to his room until he himself can calm down. I do this because I was sent pictures of children beaten. you know one of those chain letters well I now feel that I don't want to go there or ever get there.these infant who can not do anything to fend for them selves black and blue.. OMG just brings me to tears. And then I think I need therapy and maybe he does too does he at 3 need therapy? do we go together.... my husband seems to think I need it and has mentioned it at times now he talking about our son.... DO we go? I know he has my anger at what not sure but it's there.... hummm the edge such a high cliff and sometimes a not so pretty view


Holly said...

WOW! It is sometimes hard to put into words how we feel and what to do with our kids when they are pushing did it so was also brave to admit those things. I felt like I was reading something I could have written. My son is 8 and still has those moments...I often find myself wondering "What did i do/what causes him to lose it like this?" I have come to realize it is his personality and he has outgrown some of it (boy, it requires patience), and I have used the counselor at school too. Motherhood (parenthood) a crazy ride! Thanks for sharing.

Also, thanks for stopping by blog! Have a great day!

CaraBee said...

Kids really know how to push our buttons, don't they? I fear for the coming years when Sophie is more aware of the impact of her actions on me. Sometimes I have to put her in her room and go take a shower or something, just so I can totally get away from the situation.