Tuesday, September 29, 2009

week in review....

Liam had a birthday party last week from school and I'm just posting it now! LOL it was a bouncy party so fun! wish I knew I could bounce but I did not bring socks O-well maybe next time! he did have soo much fun so maybe his party next year will be something similar???

Then Avery found the pots and pans for the first time!! too cute!
then last Sat we went to the Terps Game my family's first unfortunately it started to rain at 3 when the game started at 3:30 so Liam and daddy went to see the game for a bit while Avery and I sat under the tent to stay dry. but here are some tailgate pic's from a friends tailgating area. they are serious!YUP that is a TV in the back of the truck!!Avery Taking a bath to finish the week! how coulds you hit something so cute? I just don't understand how someone can close fist hit a child(baby).. those images still haunt me... see previous post someone sent me a child abuse chain letter and there were pictures.. still makes me cry

So Sweet!

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