Thursday, October 8, 2009


So my anniversary is coming up.... how long has it been... 6 years WOW how time flies and things change!
6 years ago I was:
Single about to marry
Hanging with other friends in down town Baltimore
Going out every weekend to the local bar and restaurants
Living in a 3 story town house
Had three cats
Working in Baltimore
No children
Cooking for 2
Eating fancy elegant foods
Staying at B&B's
Traveling at a moments notice

hanging with my 2 kids
Go to restaurants with slides
Go to the park to watch my children run
I now live in the burbs

Eat foods that are simple and some time weird colors
Prep sippy cups and bottles
wipe snotty noses
get wonderful warm hugs and wet kisses

and I
Love every minute of it !!

So were heading to the beach for two days to run on the sand and collect some seashells! Hopefully get some good pictures maybe one for our Christmas card!


CaraBee said...

Love it! Amazing how much our lives has changed, isn't it? Wouldn't trade it for a anything, though. Have a great time at the beach!

Jacci said...

Happy almost anniversary! Have fun at the beach!!

Dennis said...

The only thing that I miss is the amount of time I used to get to fish! Hehehe

I love you and thank you for the last 12 years of friendship, last six years of marriage, and the two newest loves of my life.