Friday, October 2, 2009

Given up or Surrendered?

SO I've decided to let it go and stop nursing. I made it to 11 months this time.. Granted there is still milk in the freezer. But my body has decide to stop producing so I've let it go. Even with the fennel Greek it's not working I fell that I made it further than I did with Liam which is an accomplishment in itself so I'm not too sad to let it go we'll see how Avery does, it seems as if she does not care... So as long as she is good with it I think I am as well.... I've stopped pumping in the office about 2 days ago and have not had any repercussions so it will now be cutting the am feeding and evening.. I also have stopped the am one because she was sleeping thru a few times she has woken up but gone right back to sleep sooo we'll see how the weekend goes


Hearts and Hands said...
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Hearts and Hands said...

No hun, you haven't given up. You have tried your best to keep going as long as you could.
This is the journey your body is taking, and you are accepting it is what it is. 11 months is a freaking awesome effort, be proud of yourself.
No matter how our babes are nourished, we mums need to support eachother and make sure we are all there to listen and help one another no matter where our lives as mothers takes us.
We do what we can, and that is what matters.

Oh yay for sleeping through too! Did you get to sleep through too? Just my luck I would not be able to get to sleep.

Lots of mummy support coming your way. You are a wonderful mother.

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