Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I know I'm late

Here they are finally some Birthday pictures! in no particular order...

Birthday girl

Godfather trying to get some cake

this was on her actuall birthday and Liam was helping eat the cake

A deceint one with her tiara on. I had put pipecleaners with pompoms on them for fellers for the butterfly theme.

eating her cake

butterfly theme her picture by the month

Liam showing off his feeler I made I had made them for all the kids I think they were on for about 20 minutes

Avery's cake I had the bottom done by the store and did the caterpillar myself will not ever buy a cake from Safeway as they don't do what you ask and then don't call you when they won't do it so you don't get what you want .. thank goodness for Dennis and his design capabilities! cut and reshaped the cake and frosted it!! go Daddy!

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Sharon said...

Those are great! I can NOT get over the fact that she is one already!! WOW! Where do you live again?? If I can get to you in a day I could come do pictures for ya... haha!