Thursday, October 15, 2009

Preping for the party!

Avery Turns 1 in 6 day's!!

I'm having her party on the 17th. so far I have a few decorations up. and make the cake for the pops I'm going to make. I tried to make the french butter cream because it said I could store it for up to a week in the refrig. but I don't think it turned out like it's suppose to .. not sure what went wrong but as soon as I started to add the butter to the meringue it just went to poop. and then there was like water coming from it when I was mixing it like the meringue just broke down and did not incorporate in to the mix? so I think I can salvage it by adding more sugar and milk.. I'm going to adapt it to another recipe I found. I just can't see throwing away almost 2 pounds of butter!

So that's that and tonight is cookie night..... and the breaking down of the cake to form the pops. and veggie cutting!! I may even bake the Caterpillar and have it ready to decorate for Friday! since I have to bake chicken wings and pick up other things all on sat am. ... and get this....
My mother told me on Tuesday night that she would not be coming because she though it was next weekend and made plans to go to NYC with some friends.. So I did not make a big deal of it and said fine I'm going to have cake on the 21st which is her actual birthday so you can come over then.... did not want to make a big deal of if but come on you have known for a month when it is and now your telling me! then I was on face book and her friend said she was going to Mexico not NYC.. now I did not confirm what was going on this weekend but since she's not going with this friend who is she going to NYC with and is she going to NYC this weekend??? why does she need to fib to me I don't care what she does.. God what a pain in my ass!!
O- Well off to work and then prep more for the party!


Kathie @ my net finds said...

I have an award for you!

CaraBee said...

Can't wait for the party!