Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tantrums... How do you deal?

So got a phone call this morning.. and in the background I can here my oldest screaming and crying. And he was on the second floor!
Daddy said it had been going on for about an hour. He had left Liam up in the Bathroom on the toilet where Liam had put himself but did not want to get up to brush his teeth. This and turning off the cartoons just before through him into a inconsolable crying fest. I could hear him sobbing... and Daddy did not do anything but tell him he had to go and he needed to get up and get ready.
So what is the course..
what do you do to make them stop the sobbing and get ready in the morning(now afternoon) the distraction of getting breakfast did not work either... he then became upset he was not able to put the toast in the toaster... deflecting or changing the reason why he was upset. which he was asked numerous times.... so do we need a new plan or do we stick to the walking away and ignoring until he calms down??
any help or ideas are greatly appreciated


CaraBee said...

When you figure it out, let me know 'cause we're having some serious tantrum around here, too.

Hearts and Hands said...

Gaahhh I know what you mean!! Don't get me started on MY tantrums, lol
Here is a link to a samll snippet of a book called 'Toddler Tactics'
She is a mother of 5 and also now a grandmother. She teaches and spreads the word of gentler ways of dealing with our children, understanding why they are going through what they are at certain ages and stages.

The link for her site and books is at the bottom of the web page.

Just from me personally, sometimes, nothing helps. The child can get so worked up they can forget what was the problem in the first place. Other times their bodies are going through such a big change that they melt down over not putting a sock on right.

Hoping the site helps a bit. She explains it better than I can.
Be gentle on yourself too. It's hard trying to parent and not knowing what is going on in our child's mind.

Design it Chic said...

oh boy this sounds like a tricky business .. hope out find a solution to it eventually or at least smth that would keep your sanity.. either of them comes first:)
Happy Wednesday!

*stopping by from SITS