Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend Recap

So our day started off a bit cloudy and overcast although it was very warm in the morning. We too a walk down to the beach since we got to the condo at 2 am and could not see a thing. We got the kids dressed so we could take some pictures

Avery at the first touch did not like the cold sand.. but after a bit she was fine
And then with Liam Liam then decided to run with the waves.... picking up shells and watching the surfers go by

I tried to get Avery to keep her hat on
Then minutes later a wave tripped Liam and down he went... I thought he was going to freak but we were laughing so I guess he decided it was OK and continued on running.
Liam then wanted to build a sand castle but we did not get far as we did not bring any tools
I took this as Dennis and Liam walked ahead of me. you can see a bit of his little foot up on the top.
Next we went to Assatege ( as you can see I can't spell it) Island to see the horses and deer. this is after we waited for Liam to get up from his nap. I took a short nap as well.
But when he woke up we had wonderful surprises of lots of deer and Seka deer and ponies!
Since Sunday was a bit nicer than Sat we decided to try the bike riding on the board walk. We had attempted to do this on Sat. but the rain ..sprinkles were getting heaver as we were getting the bikes ready and decided to not do it. But Sunday was perfect!

Liam lasted about 2 blocks!! as you can see we strapped the bike to the back of the carrier. and Liam rode. Wailing most of the way down the boardwalk because he wanted the helmet that we rented back.. did not understand that it was not his.. so we had a nice siren all the way down.. sorta good people knew we were coming and may be would move? no not really don't get how people are so oblivious while walking down a boardwalk there like O- a bike!
Avery loved the ride and the oo's and ahhs as she passed by everyone.
Liam sitting on the anchor on the boardwalk. it was a wonderful day! there was even a car show but I did not take any pictures of that but it kept Liam entertained as they cruised up and down the roads making loud noises. He even had time to flirt with an older lady from the show and learned to wink!! too funnyThis is his attempt at winking!!
it was a wonderful weekend!and 6th year anniversary


Mama Kayla said...

Such beautiful children!

CaraBee said...

Looks like a great weekend! As close as it is, I've never been to Assateague, but I hear it's amazing!

Heather said...

What a cutie!

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