Thursday, November 19, 2009

HO HUmmm

Well sorry I've been out of touch things just went to pot on Friday. After a wonderful lunch and great presentation in the office I was brought into a conference room and told I was the first to be let go. That things were slowing down and the company just did not have the money..... I was shocked! to say the least. I did not know what to say I actually did not say anything I was sooo just put out in another world sorta like you can hear them talking but you really just hear a muffle of words. So I packed up my things and left. My two friends at the office were shocked one did not even know I left. she found out later and called me. SO Lets Just say Friday the 13th was in true form! the next day I received a email from a girl who said there were letting more go .. and would let me know... not that I care but it was true to what I was told because others thought someone in the office complained about me and that's why I was let go. but I thought if they were to complain about me they would have come and talked to me to find out the whole story and not just one side and I would have gotten reprimanded or something.. Not that I'm an awful person in the office but I'm not quite when I don't like something. Some time my hubby says I need to turn it down... Any hoo
I've now became a SAHM for now until I find something else if I decide to return Not sure I want to? something part time would be nice... So.. and something closer that DC from where I live would be great no more hour drive... SO That is why I have been MIA.. I've been cleaning the house getting things straitened up and all the laundry done I can.. to then see if there is anything out there from me... Humm I need to get a schedule of what to do during the day. I think I'm going to start walking/running on days that are not too cold for the kids because I'll have to drag them along on the bike trail.. I can be in the house 24 -7 it's to small of a place... so any ideas.. as we don't have alot of money to join gyms and club although I would like to rejoin the SP mom's group but that's money I don't have .. so we'll see what happens.. O well that's like and here I go...

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