Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So we got back from the Thanksgiving in Florida.

It was fun but I think too much time with my parents.. as usual we ended up getting in a fight. this Time my father and I about how I am bullying my son into potty training? his words not mine... humm pooping in his pants for 3 monthes.. and watching him try to hold it and getting him to that bathroom each time I see that he is straining to stop from pooping.. is not bulling. well in my opioin. so we had a wonderful time up till then and then in the last 2 or 3 days it was a strained being nice to each other. and of course because I was pissed and wanted to leave early.. I decided that Liam was not going to stay.. note that they never even asked me if he could but I knew it was something they wanted but I was never asked once. So I know my father was pissed he was not staying.. and of course it was Dennis faulyt because he is very controling and makes all the decisions in my life... Yeah right.

so on another note here are a few picture of the beach time we had

O- yeah Avery found her feet an has begun to take a few more steps with out holding on! we are doing very well!!

And Liam had a wonderful time running on the beach back and forth splashing ablut and making sand castles!

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