Friday, January 29, 2010

2 boxes

Who knew that 2 empty boxes would be so much fun!

So I did what I think was 30 min of Yoga and stepped out side to possibly go walking with the 2 little ones in tow but Damn it's cold outside . So I'm sorta disappointed that it's an ice box out there do I wait till the afternoon? poo so wan t to get back out there.

On the plus side I have someone interested in our rental house but not at the price we are looking to rent so we are going to try to negotiate.

We'll see how it goes....

Thursday, January 28, 2010


So now that I have two lovey darling children, i or we have not done any traveling... should we have done more before they two jems in my life. not that would GIVE THEM UP FOR ANYTHING (oops cap lock) so anyway I'm heading to Oregon to visit a friend. Not only that but I'm going to a concert.... Not only that the concert is.... (drum roll) ......

Billy Joel and Elton John!!!
( Scream) Yes!!! Yes, Doing a happy dance doing a dance!! Woohoooo
I'm so excited about the concert not that I'm not happy to be seeing my girlfriend but to be able to see two legends at the same time WOW!! and all made possible by my hubby!!
how wonderful is he he's the one that made the who;e thing happen behind the scenes with my girlfriend and then told me what was going on Happy Birthday to me and Valentines day all in one!! will have to figure out what to do for him.. can say what because he also reads my blog, HI HUNNY!!!

so now that I have got that off my chest.. things have been good here at the homestead. Being new to being a stay at home mom I sometimes wonder if I should be doing something I'm not.
should I be outside more?( it's freezing out) we have been out on the warmer times... should I have them on a more regimented schedule? wake up, dress, breakfast, play time , lunch, play, dinner ,bath nighttime.... I need to squeeze the exercise time in there for me... back to the walking/running.... how do I do that? being so cold and no money for the gym.... need to check that out or get a treadmill... then the issue is where to put it... no room LOL

anywhoo I also wonder about my clothes I believe I'm running out of in style items.. I;m never the one to wear dresses or skirts I prefer a pair of pants but I do like to get dressed everyonce and a while but right now it's been jeans and what ever nice looking top that does not have a stain... LOL so

Avery had her 15 month well and guess what I did not write a single height weight or anything down.. I also had both of them getting shots so it was Fun.. guess the crying distracted me from writing down the information. will have to call to ask. Will they give me that info? or think I'm strange for calling... O- well

Friday, January 15, 2010

Air and Space

Our first outing to the DC Museum!! had a wonderful time and I believe Liam was greatly interested in what was around him. We got there at about 11:00 missed the astronauts that were there guess they were only there for a short bit in the morning. and of course we missed them. sad... but all in all it was good.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's RED!!

So last Friday night Liam did as he always does and falls off the dining room chair at least once at my mom's no big deal he's done it a thousand times but NOOOO not this time
this time he comes up with tears in his eyes it hurts he says... I look at it he bends it we ice it and go on he cried a bit but not so much so I go and do what I do and Dennis then sees it It's now turning a bit blue and still swollen . He takes him to nighttime Peds and returns at midnight to say they were not sure but we need to call the ped in the morning to get a referral to an orthopedic. He now has a temp cast on one that is a half cast that is wrapped with 2 bandages and 2 butterflies to hold it closed. Saturday bright and early I call the ped and leave a message. Monday i get a call back from the Ped with a referral of who to call. I call the orthopedic and get an appointment for today wait and hour for the Dr. and yup it's a fracture and he can tell from the x-ray that night time ped took and could not tell Dennis it was broken... we now have our first cast .. a Red cast no less.. they did not have orange which was the first choice and now the pictures.. LOL Dennis trying to get a good one and Liam acting like a fool... LOL

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Just realized I have not been here in a while almost a month!
YIKES.. being in the house for a few days only going out speraticly because of this awful frigid wind.. who wants to go out there? only if your crazy!!
and then on top of that I have this awful cold thing in my throat yuck!
SO we had a wonderful Christmas the kids got a lot.. Dennis and I did not do Christmas for each other and kept it really simple for those we needed to send gifts to.
As for New Years we went over to MY sister in-laws and played cards and games till the ball dropped I'm shocked Liam made it but as soon as we got in the car to head home he was out! but he told me he did not want to go to 2010.. it was funny.
so other than that we have been trying to stay warm from this freezing wind we have here in MD I don't mind the cold the wind just makes it unbearable... so I'm staying in as much as possible! stay warm people!!
few pictures of the holidays