Friday, January 29, 2010

2 boxes

Who knew that 2 empty boxes would be so much fun!

So I did what I think was 30 min of Yoga and stepped out side to possibly go walking with the 2 little ones in tow but Damn it's cold outside . So I'm sorta disappointed that it's an ice box out there do I wait till the afternoon? poo so wan t to get back out there.

On the plus side I have someone interested in our rental house but not at the price we are looking to rent so we are going to try to negotiate.

We'll see how it goes....


Synergy Girl said...

Diaper boxes take a few days to finally make their destination in the trash...the kids just love them...that and the laundry baskets...wull...that is when they DON'T have laundry in ya, it's pretty rare...

Cristina said...

My kids ALWAYS play with the boxes. There have been entire cartoon episode tributes to the many creative uses of boxes.

Where are all of the expensive toys you bought them? Untouched, in their rooms, or missing pieces.

The box - lasts forever!

Keep us posted on the rental!!!



Grand Pooba said...

When I have kids, I'm giving them empty boxes for Christmas!