Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's RED!!

So last Friday night Liam did as he always does and falls off the dining room chair at least once at my mom's no big deal he's done it a thousand times but NOOOO not this time
this time he comes up with tears in his eyes it hurts he says... I look at it he bends it we ice it and go on he cried a bit but not so much so I go and do what I do and Dennis then sees it It's now turning a bit blue and still swollen . He takes him to nighttime Peds and returns at midnight to say they were not sure but we need to call the ped in the morning to get a referral to an orthopedic. He now has a temp cast on one that is a half cast that is wrapped with 2 bandages and 2 butterflies to hold it closed. Saturday bright and early I call the ped and leave a message. Monday i get a call back from the Ped with a referral of who to call. I call the orthopedic and get an appointment for today wait and hour for the Dr. and yup it's a fracture and he can tell from the x-ray that night time ped took and could not tell Dennis it was broken... we now have our first cast .. a Red cast no less.. they did not have orange which was the first choice and now the pictures.. LOL Dennis trying to get a good one and Liam acting like a fool... LOL


Synergy Girl said...

Oh man...!! I am still waiting for that day. I am SHOCKED, I mean really in awe that I have four kids (three of which are boys) and I haven't had any "real" or "serious" injuries...! I really hope I am not jinxing the matter by posting this either..!! The cast IS kinda cute though!!

Hearts and Hands said...

Oh poor monkey. He kind of looks pretty happy in the pics though, lol
Hope he heals well, and fast.