Sunday, January 3, 2010


Just realized I have not been here in a while almost a month!
YIKES.. being in the house for a few days only going out speraticly because of this awful frigid wind.. who wants to go out there? only if your crazy!!
and then on top of that I have this awful cold thing in my throat yuck!
SO we had a wonderful Christmas the kids got a lot.. Dennis and I did not do Christmas for each other and kept it really simple for those we needed to send gifts to.
As for New Years we went over to MY sister in-laws and played cards and games till the ball dropped I'm shocked Liam made it but as soon as we got in the car to head home he was out! but he told me he did not want to go to 2010.. it was funny.
so other than that we have been trying to stay warm from this freezing wind we have here in MD I don't mind the cold the wind just makes it unbearable... so I'm staying in as much as possible! stay warm people!!
few pictures of the holidays

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