Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I get a call this morning from Anne Arundel county. they guy on the end of the line just states he's returning a call. Nothing about what the call was about so I assumed it was when I called on Friday to ask about a pothole I hit on Monday night in the rain with 2 kids in the back and got a flat tire. I was not the only one as 5 others hit the same spot and also got flats. So much that my husband told me they closed the ramp because so many people were hitting it and damaging there cars. This very responsive man(NOT) on the other end just sat there and waited for me to figure out why he was returning my call with out say who he was just that he was returning a call from some division. Then proceeded to tell me that with the weather the road conditions contract and expand like I was a 2 year old. and that they don't have insurance to cover such damage and I should call my insurance. I then proceeded to tell him I understood weather conditions and that I was not stupid. and that it was not just me there were at least 5 others with the same issue. and that if they thought they were maintaining the road it was a joke. considering I was snowed in for a week before the plow came thru. I then hung up and wrote an email to the county. Really I can't believe this guy he was just so condescending and acted like I was an idiot. so wanted to reach thru the phone and ring his neck!! so I was one of 5 that prob got the better deal of only paying 140.00 for a new tire. I think there were others that lost 2 tires and had more damage. so I guess I lucked out but what a jerk... I think MD needs to take a Field trip up to New England and see how snow removal is done... idiots!

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