Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Famous!! Greeattt

Yeah some people would be happy even ecstatic to be in the paper not to mention on the front page.. be me hell NO!! don't get me wrong Liam looks too cute and lets keep the focus on him but I look ridicules my eyes are closed and I'm in mid speech of saying something to Liam so my face looks like I'm a bout to blow kisses to someone. Anyway Happy Easter! fat face!LOL

It was in a local paper for an Easter egg hunt in my mom's community Liam looks so cute happy and running to pick up an egg thank god he's partially covering me.

Hope all had a wonderful Easter!


Hands and Hearts said...

Looks like a great day!

I'm sure you look fine in the pic :)

CaraBee said...

Where's the picture from the paper! :)

shelley said...

i haven’t stopped over in a bit so i thought i would so so and say “hi” and see how life in your part of blogesphere is… looks like it was a "successful" hunt!
happy spring,
shelley :)

klynch said...

LOL Cara that picture is in the desk drawer!! never to be seen again