Monday, June 14, 2010

hi hey hello yes I'm back

So I've been MIA but I have good reason... we were on a mini vacation. Liam was gone for about a month I went back in forth to Florida. And no there were not tar balls when i was there the water was beautiful.

we stayed at my grandparents condo now sorta my dads. Then we drove home and stopped at Sea world such a good time for Liam he was thrilled with all the sea animals. Unfortunately we were not able to see the Orca show due to her being pregnant and then we found out when we got back to the hotel she had died during the birth process. So sad. Poor thing this would explain why some of the park was closed for a while.

but we had a good tie and did not melt although at times it felt like we were going to. Liam even went on water ride where you get wet. Atlantis it was funny to see the picture of him next to his dad as he went down the hill to get splashed. so Cute!
so here is Liam at one of the fish tanks that you could actually go up and under. too cool