Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3 Bloomers

Why have one pair when three looks so much better!
On your head!!
Then there is the nude swinging,

we did want to do nude sliding but mommy thought that was too much for the bum!!LOL

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I can't belive I did not post
LIAM's birthday cake!!
It was great! i was up till midnight but it was well worth it!!

home made ice cream!!

Just finished making the last of the three ice creams .. all I can say is yumm!!
So because each one turned out so wonderful I think I have panned on making three flavors for the family reunion we have coming up. Just have to think about flavors because the three I made this week- lemon lavender, strawberry blueberry and honeydew were and still are so wonderful. I was thinking at least to do a watermelon one. possibly a chocolate chip and not sure of the last. This next time I plan to take pictures.. not sure why I did not this time but will remember the next time.. sooo yummy

Friday, July 16, 2010


I love when someone steals an idea from you and they still can't execute it correctly!!

and they think they did a wonderful job... LOL

Carma it will bite you in the ass....

Friday, July 9, 2010

goodluck charm

So we went to the fire department carnival the other night. had to be the first night it opened.. Liam would not let us not go. too funny. so we had a wonderful time Liam won about 4 stuffed animals and 2 goldfish. Dennis won twice on the spinning wheels that the fire department games so he walked away with 8.00 more than we had and a bucket of twizzlers.

so all in all it was a goodnight until the very last ride so to speak that Liam wanted to go on. It was the fun house... and Liam did not make it all the way thru like he did the first 5 times he went before.. he waited just a bit too long and pee'd in the fun house.. it was kinda funny but he was upset ...accidents happen but we had to go home now he was not happy. but he did not scream or cry just carried his two goldfish with his pee'd pants home.. feel sorry for the guy who will have to spray it out.. not like the place was really clean. but I knew something was wrong when his feet were going like he was in river dance and he kept banging into the glass walls there was an issue.