Thursday, September 2, 2010


We lost one of our beloved pets yesterday. after 5 days of meds and force feeding she was not getting better. So in my sadness and seeing that she was getting worse, he hind end was not able to stand much, I took her to the vet again to be put to peace. Poor little thing was so thin and of course I cried the whole time. The Vet tried to put my mind at ease saying I was doing the right thing and at least we tried to make her better be fore deciding. So they took her away for about 5 min and then brought her back to me, wrapped. I took her home and we laid her to rest with Max and Mo under the dogwood tree.
The funny thing is is that when she was in her prime she was a complete bitch, LOL so bipolar it was not funny. we would warn people about her and say pet at your own risk! should have had a sign that said attack cat!
Will Miss her still

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CaraBee said...

I was a basketcase after my sweet kitty Raphael died. Inconsolable for days. Its so hard to lose our beloved furry family members.